Accurate Dewatering Facility Des Moines, Iowa

There are several factors that went into our decision to build this first-of-its-kind facility in Iowa.

  • Limitations from weather for approved land application
  • Limitations of permitted land application sites
  • Facility is available for user convenience
  • The need to solve a regional problem
  • Improvement of customer service
  • Reduction of fuel costs

We conducted a great deal of national level research and commissioned some of the best people in the industry to assist in the planning and building of this facility. This system has been built and permitted in countless locations across the country.

At Accurate Dewatering Services septage is pumped out and hauled to a ‘dedicated’ or ‘independent’ facility for treatment. The treatment involves screening, dewatering to separate the liquid from the solids, and the treatment of either the separated liquid, solids or both. The separated solids can be disposed at approved landfill sites or further stabilized and used as nutrients at approved organic soil conditioning sites.

Septage may also be treated or disposed at MOE approved facilities such as:

  • Municipal STPs that have the capacity and ability to accept the septage
  • Dedicated septage treatment facilities, whether municipally or privately owned, e.g. composting, alkaline stabilization, dewatering trenches
  • Waste disposal sites approved to accept septage (i.e., landfills and dewatering trenches but not a site which allows land application of untreated septage)
  • Sites that are approved to receive septage that has been treated by alkaline stabilization

These facilities require MOE Certificates of Approval which specify the site(s) and volume of septage accepted at the site(s). Operators of these treatment facilities, whether municipal or private, should keep track of available capacity for septage at their facilities, keeping in mind the frequency at which their customers’ septic tanks need pumping out. MOE’s local offices can provide information on Certificates of Approval for approved septage treatment facilities.

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